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Cooling System Service

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Since 2004, our team of experienced, ASE-Certified technicians and mechanics here at Moonlight Motors Inc have been helping drivers in Encinitas save time and money on automotive maintenance and repairs.

We’re your local dealer alternative when it comes to keeping both imported and domestic cars, light-duty trucks, and passenger vans tuned up and running smoothly, making it easy to protect your investment with regular automotive servicing that’s close to home.

Expert Cooling System Service

Our comprehensive range of maintenance and repair options includes all-makes cooling system service, maintenance, and repairs, including work on hybrid vehicles.

Your cooling system on your vehicle works hard to protect your engine from overheating, making it critical to keep your coolant fresh and clean with regular coolant system flushing. This simple, affordable cooling system service is a great way to avoid being stuck on the side of the highway with an overheated engine, or worse yet, winding up with a costly repair bill related to a failure of your cooling system.

When you come to Moonlight Motors Inc for cooling system service, we’ll flush all of the old, used coolant out of your radiator and coolant reservoir, then refill it to the levels recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer using coolant that’s designed for your specific vehicle.

We’ll also inspect your cooling fan for signs of bearing wear, which can lead to an unexpected failure when you’re out on the road. Our coolant system specialist will inspect the pressure cap on your rad (also called the radiator cap), test to make sure your thermostat is performing correctly, and check your coolant hoses for cracks, leaks, or bulges that could burst.

Signs You Might Need Cooling System Service

Most automakers recommend a complete cooling system service every 2 years, or 18,000 miles (whichever comes first), however, in the hot temperatures here in Southern California, it’s a good idea to check your cooling system more frequently.

If you notice that your vehicle’s temperature gauge is running higher or lower than normal, you smell a sweet odor in your car, and/or your coolant light comes on, come in to see us here at Moonlight Motors Inc right away. These are all signs that you need cooling system service immediately in order to prevent serious damage to your car.