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Brake Repair, Service and Maintenance

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Safe driving starts with keeping your brakes in good shape, whether it’s in the winter rain or the summer traffic. Brakes naturally wear down over time, which makes regular brake repair, inspection, and maintenance an essential part of responsible car ownership. Moonlight Motors Inc, in Encinitas, CA, offers comprehensive brake service for safe drivers from Oceanside to La Jolla.

The Importance of Safe Brakes

Properly installed and maintained, your brakes can turn a near-miss into a safe stop. That’s why it’s so important to have them inspected with every tire rotation and scheduled service. The ASE-certified brake technicians at Moonlight Motors Inc have the know-how to spot potential problems, such as worn pads or shoes, bent calipers or misaligned rotors, before they become serious threats. We can make recommendations for service and replacement, and we can do the work on a quick-turnaround schedule that will have you back on the road as soon as possible. As the best brake repair, service and maintenance shop in the Encinitas area, we’re dedicated to keeping you safe on the road.

Comprehensive Brake Repairs

Moonlight Motors Inc, in Encinitas, CA, is a full-service brake shop, which means we can repair or replace every component in your brake system, from the brake line to the pads. As part of our regular brake inspection, our qualified brake technician visually inspects your brakes for any sign of damage or wear. We can rotate your rotors and flush out the line to ensure good contact between the pedal and the pads, and we’re always happy to explain the work we’re doing in plain language any car owner can understand, so you know just what you’re paying for. We also offer complimentary towing service from anywhere in the Encinitas area, in case you’re not comfortable driving on the brakes you have to our locally situated shop.

Local Brake Repair, Service and Maintenance in Encinitas

We’re part of the Encinitas community, and it shows in the way we approach our quality of work. Moonlight Motors Inc is one of 12,000 NAPA AutoCare centers in North America, and we hold our work to the high standards that elite status demands. All our work is guaranteed in writing, and we’re set up to handle cars of almost any make or model.

Whether you need new brakes, or you’re overdue for your annual inspection, Moonlight Motors Inc, in Encinitas, CA, is your best bet for finding the comprehensive service your car needs. Come by for a visit or give us a call today to schedule service for your car’s brakes.